The Tremendous One

Living in yesteryears.

Lil' Kimberly is my ideal woman.

I'm spiritual, have a good heart and can make you laugh.

Location: P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney

IG: TheTremendousOne

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"For all it’s worth. $5.99 or something like that"

Freak No More looks.

(Source: thetremendousone)

" ‘Bitch’ to me is supreme, A lot of the time people use the word ‘Bitch’ because they can’t find a word that’s stronger than that. So if you use the word bitch, You know you mean something when you say that! It’s strong, You know what i’m saying? So it’s like When Missy uses “She’s a bitch”… I took it as ‘THAT Bitch. ” - Lil’ Kim, Elle Magazine Interview 1999.