The Tremendous One

Living in yesteryears.

Lil' Kimberly is my ideal woman.

I'm spiritual, have a good heart, can make you laugh, and can fuck.

Location: P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney

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I miss the days of physical music singles with the remix and instrumental version on the tracklist.

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In Mary’s Mind: “Why they couldn’t get my girl Lil’ Kim instead? Damn.”

forcoloredgirlswhodgaf asked: You capture iconic black girl moments so well! I love this blog!

Thanks. You are iconic.

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eight0eight-tho asked: Okay your blog just became my favorite blog of all of Tumblr! Lol. It's so beautifully nostalgic. Sigh.


Thank you all for the response to this. I created it as my background music to play while writing an essay.

I know the looping is terrible but I don’t know much about sound editing. I can send the mp3 to anyone willing to create a better looping.

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